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you Name it, we Trade it!

How it Works?

A.K. Traders Ltd is a trading company who works between the clients and suppliers as a middleman. We take care of everything for our clients’ right from scratch.



A.K. Traders 

Team A.K. Traders has been in business since year 2003. The current vision of trading has populated after a series of various experimentation in the wholesale and retail industries...

A.K. Traders strives to help its clients to search or introduce commodities in the Canadian Market sector. We strictly adhere to the principles of honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness.

A.K. Traders Ltd Trade

​​you NAME it, we TRADE it!


our Company

Gain from Trade:

A.K. Traders, as a trading and purchase agent, makes it a responsibility to ensure that YOU have the maximum gain from the trading opportunity. This in turn gives you an increase in the consumer surplus and producer surplus!

A.K. Traders understand that agent collaboration and negotiations is helpful for solving complicated tasks and achieve multiple goals at the same time.

A.K. Traders Ltd possesses all the capabilities of a trading agent:

  • helping your business succeed
  • negotiation skill
  • eye for trend
  • organization skill
  • making contacts globally
  • awareness with Canadian importing regulations
  • shipping arrangements
  • direct contact with the manufactures and freight companies
  • proven track record
  • language and communication skills
  • solid knowledge of market / market segments